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LETS VOTE INDIA: Political Analysis & Election Campaign Management

We are the group of experienced political strategist who research and monitor deeply in the roots of Indian democracy from booth politics to Parliament. We aware the people of India to actively participate in the greatest festival of Indian democracy i.e. elections.

As we try to find the opinion of people we also help candidates to win their elections through our experienced and research based methodology and to set a people centric agenda.

  • Political Data Research & Analysis
  • Complete Election Management
  • Spreading Awareness among People in Respect of Their RIGHT TO VOTE.
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Our Services

Our Exclusive Services to assure VICTORY


Digital Media Management

Enhance Reach Through Social


Data Research & Analysis

Understand Better the Demography of Area


War Room Management

Monitor & Control Whole Election from Centralised Office



Allocate Booths to Members for Better Management


Website Management

Create a Digital Portfolio to Enable Reach Among People


Call Centre & Bulk Messaging

Know the Opinion of People Through Unbiased Survey


Exit Poll
& Results

Represent results in Understanding & Graphical Manner


Political Research & PR Management

Gathering Information and Utilise them to Build Up Profile


Nomination & Rally Strategies

Every Word Matter in Elections so We Make it Easy.

Our Core Features

24/7 Support

Deeply Researched Data

Experienced Strategists

Smart Analysis

100% Confidentiality

An Extensive Awareness Program

What We Do

Why Choose

  • Creating & Managing Profile of the Candidate.
  • Grow Follower base on Digital Media and on Ground.
  • Media and Feed Management.
  • Regular Collection and Research on Data by Field Analysts.
  • Opinion Polls, Exit Polls and Feedbacks based on Survey.
  • Personalized Website with Integrated Social Media Platforms for Better and Direct Interaction.
  • Creating and Setting up a Political Agenda for Betterment of People.
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Company Skills

An extensive
awareness program:

The data says that the participation rate of our people in elections is very low. In 2019 general elections there were 912 million people eligible to vote but only 67% voters take part in that. It should be noted that there were 432 million female voters but the participation is not satisfactory.

Our vision is to spread awareness among people and try to make a small change by increasing the participation of citizens in elections.

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912 Million Total Voters


468 Million Male Voters


432 Million Female voters


68% voting rate

Message For Voters

Let’s come, Vote and add your voice in making opinions.
In a democracy only one single vote can make a big change. It’s priceless, most powerful tool to control the governance. So let’s come together, spread sensitization and prove the words of Abraham Lincoln that “The ballot is stronger than the bullet”


Shubham Gangwar

CEO & Founder