Data Collection & Analysis

Data Collection & Analysis

Our field teams deeply survey the area and collect the data of people or voters and forward them to our analysts where that data is deeply checked and verified. Our research teams with the help of analysts rectify that data according to political equations for better working and campaigning. That verified and rectified data is sent to booth teams for working according to it. We also monitor the political changes in the area consistently and precisely to update that data for better campaigning strategy.

That data is also used for creating public agenda for betterment of people and to change the trend of traditional way of Indian politics. As we believe that in common elections the government is elected by the common people of India so the agenda should also be decided by them.

  • Deeply researched data and analysed according to political equations.
  • In depth research on that data to make campaign precise and easy.
  • Use of that data to decide the election manifesto and to create a public centric agenda.
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